Mental Health Counseling

Conveniently located in the Uptown area of Dallas, Legacy Counseling Center provides affordable, quality mental healthcare and emotional support services to hundreds of men and women challenged with HIV or AIDS.
The center offers individual, group, and family counseling by fully licensed professionals. The agency also provides a 24-hour emergency hotline available to anyone facing suicidal or other crisis situations related to their diagnosis or current medical condition.

Individual Therapy

Legacy provides one-on-one private therapy sessions with licensed professional counselors who are specially trained in areas specifically related to mental health issues of persons living with HIV and AIDS. Counselors assist clients with a wide range of coping issues from anxiety and depression to survivor guilt and medication compliance.

Group Therapy

Legacy offers group therapy sessions both during the day and evening. These weekly support sessions provide a powerful, enriching experience that help HIV-positive people contend with many unique issues surrounding HIV and AIDS. Groups are comprised of members with similar needs and characteristics. For example, Legacy offers groups specifically for HIV-positive women as well as Spanish-speaking only groups.

HIV-Positive Women’s Groups

Legacy’s HIV-positive women-only groups provide a safe environment for women to discuss their unique issues. Along with The Grace Project, Legacy’s women-oriented programs help women who are affected by HIV and AIDS to cope with this disease.

Spanish Language Therapy

Legacy also provides therapy to Spanish language individuals.